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Cal Ramsey Interview: Lebron, Amar'e, Gallo, Mozgov, Felton, Randolph talk

Written by BigC on . Posted in Basketball Blogs

Cal Ramsey(Big C) The other day I had chance to sit down with Cal Ramsey, the Knicks Director of Special Projects. Ramsey is also a former Knicks player, color commentator, humanitarian, former principal, community relations representative for the Knicks, and an basketball legend.


Many people who know Cal Ramsey, for his involvement in the community and for the Knicks, they can tell you how he is one of the best people to talk too. I had the pleasure of talking with him and asking him how he felt about about the Knicks and the players.

Here is the extended version of my interview with Mr. Cal Ramsey.

FromtheBaseline.com: This is Big C, From the Baseline.com. I’m here with Knicks legend Mr. Cal Ramsey. How are doing today Cal?

Cal Ramsey: I’m doing fine. How about you?

FromtheBaseline.com: I’m doing great.

Now, you are person that has a lot of basketball knowledge. What do you think about the Knicks getting Amar’e Stoudemire?

Cal Ramsey: I think he is going to be a terrific offensive player and a good defensive player. He will play power forward. Hopefully one of the big guys will step up and play the center and allow Amar’e to play power forward. He will be a great player from there.

FromtheBaseline.com: One of the criticisms of Amar’e is that he does not play defense. Do you think he can step up his defensive game?

Cal Ramsey: If you are a good athlete then you can play defense. Hopefully these guys can stress playing defense a little bit more this year.

FromtheBaseline.com: One of the players that is returning is Danilo Gallinari. What do you think about Danilo Gallinari’s game?

Cal Ramsey: He is one of the my favorite players in the NBA. I love his shot. He is one of the best shooters and 3 point shooters in the league. He has a lot of heart. He has put on weight. He going to be a stronger, and a better rebounder. I love his game. He is going to be terrific.

FromtheBaseline.com: What do you say to the people that feel Danilo is just a shooter? Do you think Danilo is just a shooter?

Cal Ramsey: No, because last year he showed his ability to go to the basket. He is good shooter, but he also did go to the basket a lot last year, particularly with his left hand. He plays defense. I think he will improve.


FromtheBaseline.com: Now I know you are a big Raymond Felton fan, could you tell the fans the story you had with Spike Lee about Felton?


Cal Ramsey: When Amar’e Stoudemire was at the press conference I went over to Amar’e and then I went to Spike Lee and I was telling him that now that we have Amar’e we need to go out and get Raymond Felton because he can play. Spike Lee told me {…now I totally started imagining Spike Lee’s voice at this point…} ‘Why would we want him? Michael Jordan don’t want him. Larry Brown don’t want him. Why would you want him?’ I told Spike that Raymond has talent. And sure enough the next day we signed him [Felton].


I’m really glad the Knicks got him. Raymond Felton is a sleeper. People are sleeping on him and he can play. Watch when people see him play the pick and roll game. He is good at running up and down the court. He is a terrific point guard. He’s not an elite point guard but he is right there. He is a step below. He’s good. Felton will be a big asset to the team this season.


FromtheBaseline.com: What do you think about the Anthony Randolph?

Cal Ramsey: I have never seen him play, but I heard a lot of positive things about him. Everyone that I talk to says he is great athlete. He was hurt most of last year. Everyone that I talk to says he is a player to watch out for. He is a tremendous athlete.

Fromthebaseline: What do you think are going to be the strongest aspect of the Knicks this year on offense?

Cal Ramsey: It’s hard to say. There are so many new players on the team. There only four players from last year.

I have heard good things about the Russian center. They are talking about him. He can run up and down the court, play the pick and roll and block shots. I heard he doesn’t move like he’s seven feet.

FromtheBaseline: Where do you see the Knicks going this year?

Cal Ramsey: I’m optimist we are going to be a better team than last year. They are going to score more and play better defense if they can get one or two more players.

: Your thoughts on Lebron joining the Heat. Should a player have a choice on where they play?

Cal Ramsey: It’s called free agency. So a player has the opportunity to go where he wants to go. I wanted him to come here but I am not surprised he decided to go where he wanted to go. I feel the player should have the right. Again it’s called free agency. The player should have the right to play where they want. They negotiated it in the collective bargain agreement. To title the players to go where they want to play. I want him to do well except when he plays against the Knicks.

FromtheBaseline.com: You have gone to almost every game except when you had obligations at NYU, what would you say to a Knicks fan who has never been to a game?

Cal Ramsey: When I was an announcer I only missed one game. I think it is great to go to the Garden it is a real experience. It’s fun and I have been going there all my life.

Fromthebaseline.com: Well, this is Big C and I'd like to thank Knicks Legend Cal Ramsey for his time today. Thanks Cal.

Cal Ramsey: Thank you, no problem.


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