Walt Frazier Interview: Lebron, Carmelo, Amar'e, Danilo, Randolph, Felton talk

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Walt Frazier interview(Big C) The Knicks off-season has been successful for the most part. Donnie Walsh has made a 180 with the team and is trying to point the Knicks in the right direction. With all the changes the Knicks have made I thought it was a good time to ask Mr. Knicks himself, the legend, Walt Clyde Frazier his opinion on the team. Here is my sit down interview with Walt Frazier about the Knicks upcoming season: I know we recently spoke about Lebron James. Tell me again, how do you feel about Lebron not coming to New York and going to the Heat?

Walt Frazier: I was surprised. I thought he would have come to New York and accept the challege of being here. Like most of the legends, like Michael Jordan said, “I would never want join Jerry West or Ocar Roberson." You wanted to beat those guys. I was surprised when Lebron went with Bosh and Wade. How do you feel about Lebron joining the Heat? Do you think they will be successful?

Walt Frazier: They should be successful. The only thing stopping them is their ego’s. I don’t think that will be a problem because they wanted to be together. The only question mark is their bench. They spent so much money to sign those three guys they do not have much of a bench. That’s the only question mark, is if their bench can be productive to catapult them to a championship. There are rumors, I know you've heard Carmelo Anthony wants to be a Knick. How do feel about Carmelo Anthony wanting to be a Knick, playing for the Knicks or signing with the Knicks?

Walt Frazier: It would be fantastic. He is one of the best players in the game--top 5 players in the game. And it seems like he wants to come to New York but there a lot of ramifications. So you know the fans. I don’t want them to be to be disappointed again if he does not happen. But a very exciting thought, Carmelo Anthony wanting to be a Knick. Do you think he will be like Lebron, or do you think he really wants to come to the Knicks? Do you think he’s serious?

Walt Frazier: Well that’s what he said, he mentioned the Knicks at the top of his list. You have to believe what he is saying. Now what do you think about the Knicks' star Amar’e Stoudemire?

Walt Frazier: I think he is a bona fide player, Man. That’s why I was surprised that Lebron did not want to come to New York and be with Stoudemire. The two of them would have been very successful I think. But we are very happy to get Amar’e Stoudemire. He’s a dominate player on the interior. He brings tenacity to the Knicks which is something the Knicks have been lacking. What do you have to say to people that say why did the Knicks get Stoudemire when they had David Lee with similar stats?

Walt Frazier: Bigger player. Bigger name. This is New York City. Lee was a fantastic player in everything he did for the team. However, Lee got caught in the numbers game so the Knicks went for Stoudemire rather than David Lee. What are your thoughts about Danilo Gallinari coming into the season. What aspect of his game do you think he has improved on?

Walt Fraizer: We saw a tremendous improvement in his game. His rebounding, his defense, his shooting, his ability to get to the free throw line. Remember he missed most of his rookie year. Last season was more like his first year. I saw a tremendous improvement in his game. He is only going to get better. He is a player that thrives on tenacious work ethics. He wants to be one of the best. Last year he had some very memorable performances against some of the elite players in the league. So he’s right there on the threshold. What would you say to people who say Danilo Gallinari as just a shooter he had this to say:

Walt Fraizer: They are wrong. He works on defense. He is going to be a good passer. And remember at 6’10” he creates a lot of mismatch problems for the opposition. But what he has to overcome is getting to the hoop of the dribble. Exploiting those mismatches. That’s the next level for him. could you tell fans about Anthony Randolph that fans may not know?

Walt Frazier: I haven’t seen him play that frequently. Obviously he’s a very talented player. But everybody in the NBA has talent. It’s fulfilling that talent. So he has been erratic at times and dramatic at other times. So consistency is the key for him. He has to be more consistent. What do you think about Wilson Chandler's game (writing from a previous interview)

Walt Frazier:Like I mentioned before, Wilson Chandler can do a lot of things. Chandler is a versatile player. He can block shots, he can rebound, he can shoot the jumper (mid-range), he’s a scorer. Chandler also plays good defense and he is only going to get better.

I think Chandler will be a 20 point scorer. Once he believes that he ‘s among the elite players he will be a star. Believing is half the challenge. I think this will be a breakout year for Chandler."- And Raymond Felton?

Walt Frazier: He is a good upgrade. Duhon, I thought was more of a backup. Felton is a guy that can shoot, score, he can penetrate, he is strong. He is a tremendous asset to the team. What can you tell us about Ronny Turiaf?

Walt Frazier: Well he is a good player when he is healthy. He has not been healthy since he left the Lakers. But he can block shots he can intimidate on the interior and he is good rebounder. If he is healthy then he can help the team. What aspect of the Knicks do you think they have improved on the most with all these moves?

Walt Frazier: Defensively. Defensively, Man, they have guys that can play defense. Randolph is a shot blocker. Turiaf can block shots. Azubuike can D'up. So They have a lot of guys now so they can focus on defense and improve in that area which they to do. What do you expect from the Knicks this season?

Walt Frazier: I expect them to be better and make the playoffs. If that happens, anything can happen from there. Especially if you are in it. I am looking forward to a very exciting season. Thank you Walt Frazier.

Walt Frazier: Alright Big C. Take care.

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