Chandler Interview: I have an advantage over 2 guards

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(Big C) The Knicks season is just a moment away.  Recently I had a chance to sit down with Willson Chandler to discuss the upcoming season and his high hopes for year ahead.


Here is my interview with Wilson Chandler.  This is Big C, How are  you doing today Wilson Chandler?


Wilson Chandler:  I’m doing good. I’m just enjoying myself.  What do you think about the new NBA jerseys by Adidas?


Wilson Chandler:  The jerseys feel really good. I think they are pretty good. They are lighter, they dry twice as fast as the old jerseys. So we won’t have to change jerseys at halftime. It helps my ability to move around; running and jumping; it’s pretty good.  How does it feel being a Knick?


Wilson Chandler:  It feels great. There is no city better in the world. I’m happy to be here. The fans are great, the staff is great. My new teammates are great.  How do you feel coming into the season?


Wilson Chandler:  I feel confident in my new team. I think we are going to make the playoffs. I think we are going to be a contender this year. I think we will be able to compete again.  When I spoke to Walt Frazier earlier this summer, he felt you could be a star. What do you think you need to do to become a star?


Wilson Chandler:  I feel I just have to keep doing the things that I do well. And just build on that. And the things I can’t do well  I just have go in the gym and work hard to improve on them. That builds up confidence in myself to do those things.  You were hurt last year. How healthy are you?


Wilson Chandler:  I’m 100% now. I had three surgeries over the summer. I have been in here all summer working on getting right back. I’m just ready. I’m 100%. Last year I didn’t get a chance to play at a 100% level all season. So I’m definitely excited.  The Knicks plan on running more this year. How do you feel about the up-tempo style of game.


Wilson Chandler: I feel good about it. I feel it suits  my game more. It suit the new players more, like Amar’e, Randolph, Turiaf,. and all those guys. It’s hard to guard when you play like that.   You're good at driving to the hole, you have a mid-range shot, what other aspects do you plan on improving?


Wilson Chandler:  Just ball handling, secondary moves, stand still spot-up shooter.   What did you work on this off-season?


Wilson Chandler:   Both of  those, ball handling and secondary. [I] Strengthened my legs more to prevent future injuries, and just being a leader off and on the court.  The biggest knock on you is that you don’t speak up more. Do you plan on speaking up more this season?


Wilson Chandler: I felt in last couple of years it wasn’t my place to speak up more as a young player. Now being one of the second longest players here with the team.  I will speak up more to build a team chemistry.   How do you feel about playing this season?


Wilson Chandler:  I’m playing the 2 this year. So I feel I have a height advantage playing the two guard over a lot of 2 guards in this league.


I feel good about playing the 2 guard. The 2 guard is good for me. I’m confident in that. My strength and height helps playing the 2 guard. Maybe only to the exception of Kobe and D-Wade. For the most part I have the advantage against most 2 guards.  Thanks Wilson Chandler.


Wilson Chandler:  Thank you.